Athletes & Guides

We are excited to announce an all-star line-up of world class athletes who will be in attendance at this year’s festival. Come out and learn from the best!

  • Will Gadd

    Will Gadd, also known as “Captain Adventure,” loves doing mountain sports in the same way that a black lab loves chasing tennis balls. Recently named National Geographic Explorer of the Year for his Canada to US Rockies traverse via paraglider, final completion of Overhead Hazard (the world’s most difficult mixed climb) and the ascent of Niagara Falls, Will is on a roll with no sign of stopping!

  • Will Stanhope

    Climbing has given me some of the best things a guy could ask for: great friends, mind-blowing experiences and a chance to push myself to see how far I can go. On my first big forays to Squamish as a teenager, I would mangle my hands climbing until dark and hitchhike home with my buddies. Not much has changed. Climbing is still about trying hard with good friends.

  • Jesse Huey

    Growing up in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains, adventure and athletics were always at the foreground of my life. At university, I discovered climbing while in the midst of school and being part of the varsity rowing program. In the same way that I approached the rigors and routine of a fulltime collegiate athlete, my training and passion to push myself segued into my pursuit as a climber.


  • Jason Kruk

    My roots in climbing trace back to the local, chalk dust filled, indoor climbing gym. I was nine. In the years that followed I read classic mountain literature, scoured climbing mags, poked around the rocks in Squamish and started to dream big dreams. But at the time, I was happiest simply climbing for the sake of climbing. A career was not part of that thinking.


  • Hazel Findlay

    I had an early start in climbing. When I was 6 years old, I began and when I was 11, I did my first new route: my Dad and I rappelled in to a sea cliff and he told me to lead us out. On the indoor competition circuit, I held British junior champion title six times. However, at the age of 16 my love for being outside and climbing on rock motivated me to make traditional climbing my main focus.

  • Hayden Kennedy

    At the end of the day, climbing doesn’t really matter. Hayden tries not to take this silly sport too seriously and just have as much fun as possible. Climbing transcends movement; it is the relationships we build, places we travel, experiences we can learn from and, ultimately, the realization that we are lucky. If anything, climbing has opened Hayden’s eyes to the world around him.

  • Paul McSorley

    On his first ever day at the cliffs, Paul recognized his calling. For the last twenty years he has practiced all types of climbing, all over the world. Trad, sport, blocs, ice, mixed, alpine or aid, he loves getting outside with friends. New routes are the most rewarding, but from scrubbing a crack in Squamish to slogging up a virgin summit on the Patagonian icecap, for him, the adventure of a first ascent never gets old.


  • Vikki Weldon

    Growing up in Calgary, close to some of Canada’s best sport climbing, Vikki quickly discovered the joy of climbing outdoors. Her addiction to the rock and a willingness to push personal limits led to quick successes. Vikki climbed her first 13a at the age of 15 and has since redpointed multiple 13d’s (8b) and bouldered up to V10.


  • Jonathan Siegrist

    As soon as my dad felt it was safe (enough), he designated me as his belay. Father-son missions up cliffs or peaks was a regular outing. Although climbing was all around me, as a kid I was more into skating, friends, snowboarding and mountain bike racing. Scrambling up a long 5.6 or 5.8 was something I did with Dad. When I was 18, I developed my own relationship with climbing and have never looked back.


  • Katie Bono

    Growing up in Minneapolis, Katie’s first introduction to the outdoors came in cross country ski racing. This taught her many skills, including how to suffer for long periods of time. A trip to the Canadian Rockies resulted in a love of mountains, which deepened when she discovered climbing. After retiring from the ski racing circuit in 2011, Katie began guiding and spending more time at the sport she loves.

  • Raphael Slawinski

    Raphael has been rock, ice and alpine climbing for some twenty years. He has some very memorable adventures and experiences, too many to list, but lots to share. When he’s not climbing, he’s married, has a family of cats and spends the rest of his time as a physics professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary.


  • Ines Papert

    Ines is an inspirational athlete and person who, in the last ten years, has been setting new standards for ice/mixed, rock and alpine climbing. In recent years, ice climbing competitions have been her focus, where she has worked hard to become a four time Ice Climbing World Champion.

  • Luka Lindic

    Luka Lindič hails from Slovenia. For the past 7 years his interest in alpine climbing has escalated in intensity and time spent mastering the necessary tools to climb difficult routes on walls in the highest mountain ranges. His focus is directing his climbing development very meticulously and systematically toward this goal. He is 23 years old.

  • Craig Demartino

    After an accident in 2002, through a miscommunication that resulted in him being dropped 100 feet to the ground in Colorado, Craig’s body was shattered. In addition to many broken bones he also suffered a punctured lung and a rare nerve disorder called RSD brought on by trauma. After multiple surgeries, Craig chose to amputate his right leg below the knee. He has returned to climbing and to his life.

  • Rob Pizem

    Rob was introduced to rock climbing by local Cleveland sheet metal workers. After some top roping and road trips to the New River Gorge, he was addicted to the problem solving, physical challenge and the climbing life style. Since then his passion has brought him around the world and currently, he is inspired by the big stone and enjoys the challenges of new routing.

  • Marc-Andre Leclerc

    Although I technically began climbing at the age of 10 at the local climbing gym, I’ve been a climber my entire life. As a child I was fascinated by the mountains and people who climbed them and naturally spent much of my time climbing in trees, on playgrounds, or even dragging myself across the living room floor imagining myself on the side of a mountain. I have spent countless hours breathing in chalk dust.

  • Jon Walsh

    Jon has been putting up new climbs in Canada and abroad, for the better part of the last decade. He always pursues alpine style, light and fast free climbing; the steeper and more technical, the better. Besides “big game” hunting in hills, he enjoys margaritas, fine scotch, living in the moment, living close to the edge, and laughing with his friends who know him as Jonny Red – often abbreviated to JR.

  • Leslie Timms

    My first passion was canoe tripping; I loved getting lost in the wilderness for weeks, paddling white water rivers in a tippy canoe, the serene landscapes and epic adventures with good people. I took several cooperative outdoor adventure programs throughout high school and fell in love with the idea of guiding canoe expeditions for a living.

  • Mark Smiley

    Mark Smiley is a professional photographer, filmmaker, speaker, & mountain guide. At the age of twelve, he enjoyed rappelling out of maple trees in the front yard, to now putting up first ascents on technical 20,000’+ glaciated peaks. His interest in outdoor recreation continually evolves.

  • Brette Harrington

    There is nothing better than inspiration. My most magnificent memories are those in which I’ve found purpose, drive, motivation and challenge. When you’re inspired by a climb these elements come together on the present plane of mind and body, the now. Climbing is always progressing, always evolving, and always meeting you at your exact challenge level.

  • Roger Strong

    Roger grew up in Denver, Colorado scrambling up peaks and skiing with his family. After high school, he pursued commercial fishing to allow time to follow his passions in the mountains. As the Captain of a crab-fishing vessel in the Bering Sea, Alaska has allowed him to rock and Ice climb 6-8 months a year. Roger is one of the leading activists in modern mixed climbing in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Janelle Smiley

    Grew up climbing, skiing, and playing in the mountains of Colorado. Her hunger for snow adventures has taken her to many a remote peaks. She enjoys cooking fine meals & sharing them with friends, learning new things, and humbling the boys on the rando race course, the world around.

  • Adam Campbell

    Adam’s love for running began on the beaches of West Africa and Spain, where he spent his childhood running after soccer balls and chasing waves. It wasn’t until he moved to Canada in his late teens that he began running competitively.