& Music Series

Thursday July 20th : Academy Kick Off: Downtown O’siyam Park – Show Time: 6:45 PM

ATHLETE PRESENTATION: Hazel Findlay — Lessons From Being Scared and Underprepared

“Only a fool learns from her own mistakes.” Here’s your chance to learn from someone else’s; Hazel shares her various adventures and mishaps on big walls to little sea cliffs, around the world. Expect pretty pictures, videos and dash of British humor.

FILM:Baffin presented by Marc-Andre Leclerc and Brette Harrington
Follow Marc-Andre and Brette Harrington as they travel to Baffin Island in search of truly remote adventure.

ATHLETE PRESENTATION: Rob Pizem— Finding The Perfect Climbing Partner
Arcteryx Athlete Rob Pizem has been looking for the perfect climbing partner for over 20 years. He’s still looking. Listen to the highs and lows of the partner search and why you should never give up.


LIVE MUSIC: The Boom Booms
An indie soul band from Vancouver that loves and lives for the road. They’ve busked across Europe, performed in the Brazilian Amazon, toured in a Scamper RV and circumnavigated the United States twice in their yellow school bus. Together, they create feel-good music, soaked in classic soul and served on a 21st-century platter.” – Beatroute

Friday July 21st: Evening of Inspiration: Downtown Osiem Park – Show Time: 6:45 PM

ATHLETE PRESENTATION: Katie Bono – Seeking Speed on Denali

Katie talks about her experience attempting a speed ascent on Denali, as well as the process of training and planning for the attempt. Denali is the highest mountain in North America at 20,310′.

FILM: Doing It Scared
In 1998 Paul was abseiling in to climb the Totem Pole in Tasmania when he dislodged a rock with his rope that hit him on the head, leaving him with a severe head injury that he was lucky to survive. Eighteen years later Paul returns to the Totem Pole to find out if he has recovered
enough to finish the climb.

FILM: Equal Footing
Wyoming’s remote and vast wilderness provides the perfect canvas for Alpinist’s Kim and Julia to redefine preconceptions of the feminine.

Athlete Presentation: Hayden Kennedy —

We will never remember the summits or the climbs as much as the partnerships that we build in the mountains. These friendships are strengthened by climbing but climbing is only one aspect of these bonds. As I climb more and more I am realizing that it’s just as important to know when to stay home. Climbing is a beautiful curse. I see both the light and the dark in climbing; when this is recognized true learning begins. Partnership has been the most important and powerful aspect of climbing for me.

LIVE MUSIC: Five Alarm Funk

The Vancouver-based band is eight men strong and over a decade deep into a career that has seen it release five acclaimed albums and burn up stages across the country on six national tours. Five Alarm Funk is all about epic, intense arrangements, heavy groove and a ton of fun.

Saturday July 22nd: Photo Showdown: Downtown Osiem Park – Show Time: 6:45 PM

The combination of ocean coast, glacial ice, floating bergs and ragged peaks positions Arctic regions as some of the planet’s most surreal landscapes. Follow ARC’TERYX Athlete, Vikki Weldon, Paul Mcsorley and Paolo Marrazi as they explore the unchartered terrain of these wild landscapes.

Squamish Exposed Photo Showdown
Come out and watch as 6 pro Photographers go head to head in a Pro Photo Showdown.  Each Photographer will have 5 minutes to showcase what Squamish Climbing means to them through photographs and music.   All imagery was captured in a 1 day period right here in Squamish as result of the Squamish Exposed event.  Event Details here:  (Link to Squamish Exposed page)

FILM:  At What Price
Professional adventure and climbing photographer John Price explores the myth of ‘the perfect life’ that’s so pervasive in social media.

LIVE MUSIC: Coldwater Road                                                                 Coldwater Road gives folk music a reason to dance, waltzing between love songs and foot-stomping murder ballads. Their style reaches across Folk, Americana, Rock, and Country, and live performances are described as The Avett Brothers meets Paul Simon and The Band. They are a five-piece, complete with rich harmonies and a wealth of musical textures that are in one way gritty and acoustic, but also dynamic, layered, and full of melody.