Squamish Exposed

Team up with some of the world’s best and spend a day on destination climbs, capturing the essence of what it means to expose yourself to the challenges and majesty of climbing in and around Squamish.

Six teams composed of professional athlete, photographer, and a lucky member of the public go head-to-head creating a slideshow that best displays the athleticism and personality of climbing in Squamish.

Photo Showdown will take Place Saturday July 22 downtown @ O’siem Pavilion Park – 6:45pm

Ines Papert  @Ines_Papert
Vikki Weldon @vikkiweldon
Brette Harrington @bretteharrington
Marc-Andre Leclerc @mdre92
Will Gadd @realwillgadd
Will Stanhope @willstanhope

Tim Banfield @timbanfield
John Price @johnpricephotography
Jimmy Martinello website
Bradford McArthur  @bradfordpopemcarthur
Kieran Brownie @browniephoto
Rich Wheater  @richwheaterphoto


  • Must be comfortable leading at least 5.9 and following 5.10 + traditional climbs
  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Submission deadline of Friday June 30th. Winners will be notified by July 7th 2017.
  • Be proficient and experienced with belaying, multi-pitch systems, anchor building and rappelling.
  • Must bring own equipment including: harness, shoes, 60m rope (minimum length), helmet, personal anchor equipment, belay device, standard Squamish rack.
  • Must be available to participate from Thursday July 20th – Saturday July 22nd.
  • Flights and Accommodation’s  are not covered


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